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    Product Details

    JJ1 self coupling water pump control cabinet

    Product Details

    First, product overview:

    Pump control cabinet is the company to fully absorb the advanced experience of domestic and international water pump control, after years of production and application, and continuously improve the optimization, elaborate design and production.

    Products with overload, short circuit, phase and pump leak protection, motor overheating and leakage protection function and complete state display, and with single pump and pump control mode, a variety of main and standby pump switching mode and all kinds of starting modes. Can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and all kinds of building water supply, drainage, fire, sprinkler pipe network pressurization and HVAC cold and hot water cycle and other occasions, automatic control.

    Pump control cabinet with excellent quality, beautiful appearance and durability, convenient installation and operation, is a safe and reliable partner of all types of pumps.

    Two, product features:

    1, widely used: for various occasions, such as water supply and drainage, fire, spray, pressurization, air conditioning cooling cycle, industrial control pump, sewage discharge...... Have the corresponding specific model specifications. Control motor power range 0.18 ~ 250KW.

    2, excellent quality: careful international and domestic famous brand electric element and quality standard cabinet, carefully designed, Seiko production.

    3, functional diversity: from one to one control one to five, the main, the choice of a combination of any choice of pump, a variety of starting methods, various types of control. Automatic fault switching. Can also be designed for you.

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