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    Product Details

    Water pump frequency conversion control cabinet

    Product Details

    Product introduction:

    TQBPK series pump control cabinet is the absorption of advanced experience, make full use of domestic and international water pump control, after years of production and application, through continuous improvement and optimization, design and manufacture become cautious. The product has the overload, short circuit, the lack of protection and pump leak, the motor temperature is too high, leakage and various protecting functions and complete conditions in order to prove that and single pump and pump control mode, the host to the starting pump, start in every kind of way. However, widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various types of construction of water, drainage, fire, sprinkler pipe network and the transfer of air-conditioning and hot and cold cycle and a variety of situations, such as automatic control. In the TQBPK series of pump control cabinet with excellent quality, beautiful appearance and durability, convenient installation and operation, is a safe and reliable partner of all types of pumps.

    Performance and advantages:

    Provides high effenciency it imported advanced assembly, a high-quality, it with a Full PC intelligent, no need manual operation, optimization device and a significant energy saving automatic control, the influence of assembly.

    Application range:

    It can realize all kinds of water supply and drainage pumps, automatic open / closed loop AC motor stepless speed regulation control, as well as a step by step soft start control and stop all kinds of motor.


    Control motor power: 0.18 -250 kw

    Control voltage: 380V

    Quantity control motor: 1 - 7sets

    Pressure control accuracy: 5 - 1

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