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    Product Details

    Oil pump (pump pump)

    Product Details

    Use and characteristics of the oil pump

    This series of electric liquid suction pump (oil pump) is the introduction of the Federal Republic of Germany prototype developed by the technical indicators can reach the level of the prototype, and in the prototype basically developed series products of different use of different occasions, suction liquid, the pump for portable pipe characteristics of axial flow pump, according to high efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, etc..

    Oil pump (pump pump) used in oil, chemical industry, shipping, shops, rural areas, different liquid suction. If used in flammable and explosive occasions, we can use the factory production of explosion-proof electric pump. Use explosion-proof electric pump pump should be CB38361-2< explosive environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment > relevant provisions and the proper use of explosion-proof plug and socket. This series of products using liquid pumping than in accord with GB/325-1991 standard and steel inserted into the mouth with 55MM other containers.

    Two, pump (pump pump) use and maintenance

    1, the new or long-term use of electric pumping liquid pump, out of the box after 550 volt megohm table measuring all the live parts metal parts may be touched between the insulation resistance, close to the working temperature should be not less than 7 megohm.

    2, before use, should check whether the connection column is firm, the grounding wire must be reliable and firm.

    3, check whether the power supply voltage and the rated voltage is in line with the super live less than 10% of the rated voltage on the use of power.

    4, the use of the pump, do not damage the wires, to avoid water, oil into the motor, switch, electrical parts.

    5. It is prohibited to work in the presence of flammable and corrosive gases in order to ensure the safety of production and the normal operation of all electrical components.

    6, if found in the use of abnormal noise, should be immediately shut down, check the reasons, until after trying to exclude the rear can continue to use.

    7, the oil pump should not be idle, use liquid pumping is completed immediately stop the pump, because the pump motor no-load speed can be reached 2900r / min and 1000r / min or so, otherwise it will be worn, universal joint impeller, serious will damage to the pump tube.

    8, exchange brush: brush wear can not be used to should change immediately, otherwise it will damage the commutator, severe burn out the motor.

    9, the motor pump liquid pump (oil pump) should be checked regularly, generally at least three months at a time, often use should be once a month maintenance, repair should be all apart, eliminate accumulation of dust, oil, if the commutator product ash available alcohol scrub commutator show. If the parts are damaged, the same parts should be replaced.

    10, please put in a dry, clean, no corrosive gas environment.

    11, the electric oil pump from the delivery date is guaranteed for 3 months, exceeded the deadline if damaged, the factory to undertake repair business and all parts, welcome to the vast numbers of users of the pump put forward the improvement proposal.

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