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    Shanghai GaoShi Pump Valve Co., Ltd.

    Tel:86-021-31200936 31200937

    Mobile phone: 13336927270 18958843570


    Address: Shao factory north district Four group town Fengxian District Shanghai

    YongJia Office:

    Tel:86-577-83902066 67990819


    Contact: manager Ge

    Mobile phone: 15325074605

    Address: OuBeiZhen yongjia county east ou industrial zone

    Customer serviceQQ:869852709

    Total distribution in Inner Mongolia: Baotou City Plaza, East River District, Southeast District, West Ho Tak Building 9, No. 9

    QQ: 871889008

    Committed to the production and development of pumps and valves, creating more infinite possibilitiesAll product pictures and promotional pictures on this website belong to Gao Shi, and no individual or organization may use it. Any misappropriation will be punished.


    National Service Hotline


    Address: Shaochang North District, Si Tuan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

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